Master Plan

Portland is committed to continuous planning and this is the third time the Master Plan has been updated since 2002; once in 2008, and again in 2010 with the development of a sub area concept plan for the 58 acres that the City acquired on East Grand River Avenue south of I-96.

Community planning is a dynamic process that does not end with the completion of the Master Plan. Urban area experience constant change. Planning involves identifying and responding to change. In order to sustain the planning process, generate positive results, maintain momentum, and respond to change, the Master Plan is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. State law now requires that the Planning Commission review the Plan every five years, and determine if it needs to be updated or revised.
Subarea Concept Plan
In 2009 the City of Portland purchased and annexed 58 acres, located at the southwest corner of Grand River Avenue and Cutler Road. The Future Land Use Map identifies the site as a potential mixed use area. The Plan further recommends the development of viable land use and development strategies for this site. To achieve this goal, LSL Planning, Inc. was retained in 2009 to assist the Planning Commission and Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to prepare a master plan for this area. The resulting subarea plan takes a proactive approach to site development and encourages growth in harmony with the vision, values, and overall character of Portland. It also helps guide future development by addressing site specific opportunities and constraints, a conceptual site plan, and implementation actions and strategies.

Sub Area Concept Plan