Our Community

  1. Budget & Finances

    View, download, and print approved budgets dating back to 2011 and audit information dating back to 2007.

  2. Cemetery

    While the original entrance has the dates 1837 – 1913 above it, burials were recorded in the early 1800s. There were some members of the Newman and Bower families buried in 1818 and 1819. It is not known if the cemetery was a family cemetery before it became the City cemetery.

  3. Code of Ordinances

    View, print, and download your local Code of Ordinances.

  4. Community Events

    View calendars for events on the community and/or department level.

  5. Community News

    Stay up to date with current news and announcements regarding various organizations and/or your community.

  6. Community & Riverwalk Cleanup Days

    Learn about group efforts to keep your community clean.

  7. Dashboard

    The Municipal Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measures important to the government and its citizens. This data includes a current and prior year overview comparison as well as charts and graphs that allow you to view trends over multiple years.

  8. Electric Department

    The Electric Department was established in 1896 to provide electricity to the Village of Portland.

  9. Emergency Care Plan

    This service provides 24 hour Advanced Life Support service to the citizens of Portland, as well as the townships of Portland, Danby, Lyons, Westphalia, and parts of Eagle, Sebewa, and Orange townships. Learn how to protect yourself from financial hardships should you or a family member ever need an ambulance ride.

  10. Flood Insurance Study & Rate Maps

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently completed a re-evaluation of the flood hazards in the City of Portland and has issued revised Flood Rate Insurance Maps (FIRM) and a Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report that will become effective January 16, 2015.

  11. Parks & Recreation

    The City of Portland has several parks available for public enjoyment, as well as a variety of recreational programs are offered seasonally for both youth and adults for residents of the City of Portland, Portland Township and the Portland Community School District.

  12. Portland Community Arts

    Visit the Portland Community Arts website and learn all about community efforts to build the arts in Portland.

  13. Recycling

    The Recycling Center for the City of Portland is located on the Northside of the Department of Public Works. For more information please call 517-647-3205.

  14. Street Information

    The City of Portland uses funds collected from City Income Tax for street improvements. The dollar amount varies year to year, depending on income. The net income available for street projects has averaged $569,433 per year between 1996-2009.