Mayor & City Council

The Mayor and City Council represent and provide the Legislative support of the community. The City Council is elected as the governing body and is composed of 5 Council members. The registered voters of the City of Portland elect all members for either a 4-year term or a 2-year term. The elections are held in November of the odd year. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are chosen the first meeting after the election by vote of the seated Council members.

The City Council formulates and adopts policies, regulates certain utility rates, adopts ordinances and resolutions, and provides leadership in the community.

The Mayor is a member of the City Council and presides over all meetings of the Council. The Mayor appoints, with the advice and consent of the Council, a City Manager, and members of the various Boards and Commissions.

Comments / Concerns
The City Council welcomes any comments and/or concerns in an effort to continue the growth and improvement of the City of Portland. The information below is provided so that you may email, call or write the Council members at your own convenience.
Mayor & Council Members
 Name  Title  Email  Address  Phone
 James E. Barnes Mayor  Email 763 Ionia Rd. 517-647-2273
 Joel VanSlambrouck Mayor Pro-Tem  Email 841 Detroit St. 517-647-6368
 Patrick Fitzsimmons Council Member  Email 831 Kent St. 517-647-2663
 Amanda L. Johnston Council Member  Email 410 James St. 517-647-3211
 Erica Sheehan Council Member  Email 243 Church St. 517-647-3211