City, Village, & Township Revenue Sharing
Governor Rick Snyder delivered a special message on March 21, 2011 proposing the elimination of statutory revenue sharing and created a program called the City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) Program, formerly known as the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP). The total funding for CVTRS is approximately 2/3 of what a community received under the former statutory revenue sharing.

Transparency Incentive
Government entities may receive 1/3 of the funding as part of this new incentive system by providing transparency and a citizen's guide. From this page you can find statistics regarding fiscal stability, public safety, economic strength and quality of life for the community of Portland that will be forwarded to the Michigan Department of Treasury. Check out the 2013 Citizen's Guide for an in-depth account of how the City of Portland spends your money.

Increased Cooperation Incentive

Governments may qualify for an additional 1/3 of the funding under this incentive program by providing a plan to increase existing levels of cooperation, collaboration and consolidation within their jurisdiction or with other jurisdictions to implement potential cost savings. By working together and sharing resources, municipalities will be able to save money and continue to provide vital services to their communities.
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