Utility Billing

The City of Portland provides water, sewer and electric utility service. These services are billed monthly based on actual readings. Refuse and recycling services are provided by Granger Container and is also billed on the monthly utility bill.

The City of Portland is responsible for the maintenance of the water system from the main in the street to the shut-off valve in the curb lawn. Property owners are responsible from the shut-off valve to the residence.

  • Utility deposits are required for new utility accounts. 
  • Deposits will be reduced by 50% with a letter of good payment history from a utility company you've had service with in the past year. 
  • Deposits for renters are held the entire term of service. 
  • The final bill is deducted from the deposit with the balance being refunded. 
  • Deposits for property owners will be refunded after 12 consecutive months of timely payment which is required by the 20th of each month. 
  • In the event that utilities are disconnected for nonpayment, deposits will be required to be brought to the full amount of $300. (Broken down as $200 for electric service, $50 for water and $50 for sewer.)

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  1. Barb Brown
    Barb Brown

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    Tammy Meyers

    Tammy Meyers

    Utility Billing Clerk

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    Fax: 517-647-2938

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