Absentee Voter Information

Absent Voter Ballots

March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary Absent Voter Ballot Application (PDF)

Applications may be submitted via email to cityclerk@portland-michigan.org

Please note: This is a Closed Primary, which means that voters must select either a Republican Party, Democratic Party or Proposal Only ballot type in order to receive a ballot. By law, this selection must be in writing; therefore voters will be required to select their ballot type on the application to vote at their precinct or on their application for an absent voter ballot.

If a voter is submitting an application for an absent voter ballot and does not select a ballot type, ballot delivery could be delayed until that information is obtained in writing.

​Automatic Absentee Voter Application List

Current registered voters can apply to be placed on the automatic absentee voter (AV) application list. To apply, submit the form below or send an email or written request to the clerk's office.

  • You only need to apply once. If you are already on the automatic AV application list, no need to re-apply. An application will be sent to you for each election.
  • This automatic list is for registered voters in the City of Portland only.
  • You will remain on the list unless you change your registration address, your voter registration is canceled, or you request to be removed from the automatic AV voter application list.
The form below is NOT an absentee voter ballot application. This is a request to be on the list to receive absentee voter applications automatically by mail. If you need an application for a ballot, follow this link.

Important points to remember:
An application for an absentee ballot must be received before a ballot will be issued. We will never automatically send ballots. We will automatically send applications. A dual application may be used for a primary/general election allowing you to apply for both elections with just one application.
  • If you wish to vote in person at the precinct and are on the automatic AV application list, disregard the application and don't return it to the clerk's office.
  • All absentee ballots are counted for every election.
  • Your ballot must arrive at the clerk's office by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day to count.
Click here to submit your request to be added to the automatic absentee application list.