Water Department

The Water Department is responsible for providing an abundant, high quality supply of potable water to the citizens and businesses of Portland. The Water Department maintains the water distribution mains and provides funds for development, extension and improvement of the facilities required to carry out its duties.

The Water Department employs a full-time water technician and utilizes personnel from the Department of Public Works for maintenance of the water distribution system as well as for construction and service connections that are done by staff. Some construction or reconstruction projects and distribution systems are of a size or nature, which necessitates contracting these services to outside individuals or firms. The Water Department provides funds for this work.

The water treatment and distribution systems are regulated by the Michigan Department of Public Health. Revenues for all water system improvements and operating costs are generated by water sales and through special fees such as connection fees, system development charges and special assessments.

Report and Outage

If you are experiencing a power outage or problems with your water or sewer services, please call 888-495-5199

See Something Say Something

If you observe damage to city infrastructure including but not limited to damage to electrical infrastructure, water infrastructure, sewer system infrastructure, roads or streetlights please call 888-495-5199