How is my sewer bill determined?
Your sewer bill is determined in the following manner. All residential households in Portland use a 5/8-inch water meter. The sewer service demand charge for a 5/8” meter is $6.67 per month. In addition to the monthly sewer service demand charge, there is an actual usage charge. The City currently charges $3.39 for every thousand gallons of water used.

For example, if you used 6,000 gallons of water in a month (the average amount of water used by a family of 4) the actual usage charge would be $20.34 [6,000 gal / 10000 gal x $3.39]. Next, add in the monthly sewer service demand charge of $6.67 for a 5/8-inch water meter. Your total sewer bill would then be $27.01 [$6.67 + $20.34 = $27.01].

If you have a different size water meter or if you have any questions regarding your sewer charge please contact the Utility Billing Department at 517-647-3205.

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