Police Department

The Portland Police Department is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide safety and service to the residents as well as those who frequent the city for business, community, recreational or social activities.

​Employment Opportunity

 The City of Portland is accepting applications for a full-time Police Officer position. Click here for more information.

Contacting an Officer

Although there is a Police Officer on duty around the clock, the department currently does not have a dedicated staff member at the department. If you should arrive at the Police Department and need to see a Police Officer, please use the call box located in the front of the building. This will connect you to a dispatcher who will be able to have an Officer respond to the department to assist you.

What to do if you are stopped by the police?

Traffic Stop Brochure

Our Motto

Ready to Protect, Proud to Serve

Our Mission

To provide protection, justice and service for those entrusted to our care to the very best of our abilities.

Our Values

Bravery, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, and Excellence

Our Shoulder Patch and Its Heraldry 

Our shoulder patch features the seal of the City of Portland which displays the landmark River Trail Bridge across the Grand River which is a prominent structure within the city. The blue background of the patch symbolically represents strength, wisdom, and trust. The white lettering is symbolic of protection, sincerity, and understanding while the grey outer border signifies neutrality and self-control. These attributes are paramount to professional law enforcement officers and adorn the duty uniform as a daily reminder of these valued traits. The present design was adopted in 2016.

Our History and Current Makeup

The Portland Police Department was established in 1869. At that time, the department consisted of only the Chief. Today the department has 6 full-time officers who serve a population of approximately 4,000 with a patrol area spanning just less than 3 square miles. The jurisdiction includes both the scenic Grand River and Looking Glass Rivers which come together within the city. This unique feature has dubbed Portland to be known as "The City of Two Rivers".

Our Focus

As a department, we understand that our success is dependent upon our ability to collaborate and cooperate with the community at large. Here in Portland, the Police Officers are encouraged to make routine contacts with all variations of the public sector including businesses, schools, residents and visitors in hopes of assuring that public safety needs and concerns are being addressed.

Our Patrols

To address our objective of being as accessible and effective as possible, Portland Police Officers are assigned to foot patrol and bicycle patrol details in the downtown and recreational areas as well as traditional radio car patrols that traverse all areas of the city.

Crime Stoppers

In an effort to encourage exchange of information, tips on crimes that are witnessed, locations of wanted criminals within Portland as well assistance with information pertaining to ongoing investigations, our agency has partnered with Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan. For complete details of what services are offered, please visit the Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan website at http://www.crimestoppersofmidmichigan.com/

Stay Informed - Stay Safe

Our primary mission is to do our best to ensure your safety. It is important to remember to utilize the appropriate resources when the need arises. Please remember that this website as well as our department Facebook page are intended to augment the traditional media resources and should not be relied upon for situational awareness in an emergency. If you should encounter an emergency or are in need of a Police Officer or other emergency assistance you should always dial 911 and make the request.

For timely information regarding developing incidents including weather related issues, the best resources are recognized local television and radio media outlets. An additional resource for weather related issues is the National Weather Service which can be accessed at http://www.weather.gov/

In addition to this website and traditional media press releases, we do encourage you to periodically check for updates on our department Facebook page for information regarding current events.